Conspire To Inspire

Brenna Kelly

feel the power of story

No shame in my game, peeps ;p

Kick aside your self imposed bloated nothingness- tell your story!  (to borrow from Emerson)

What is your story?  Do you have the courage to share?

you are the lived story...

​​​​Authentic, Compelling, Transparent Storytelling  

Nationally performing stand up comedian, Brenna Kelly now shares stories, across a world stage.

​​Creator & Host of Moth To Flame Story Raves, performed up and down the Pacific coast.  Featuring a vintage trailer, professional storytellers/musicians and at least one wild redhead.  

We serve hot cocoa at our Raves, not drugs ;p

Competed at the Moth GrandSlam Echoplex, Silverlake January 2016

Winner of The Moth Story Slam at Busby's Mid Wilhire October 2015
Enemies theme

Performed at Story District, Washington DC November 2015 

​btw the absolute gold standard in Storytelling is The Moth I have performed at Story Slams and 
one GrandSLAM. Visit their website to learn more.